FRAME Fostering Human Rights Among European Policies

Policy Briefs

Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Publication Details
2016European policy brief: Main Findings of the FRAME Project After 38 MonthsFRAME
2015European policy brief: the EU and Human Rights - 2FRAME
2015 The Post-2014 EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy. A Policy Brief.FRAME
2014European policy brief: the EU and Human RightsFRAME
2014Enhancing Cooperation between the European Parliament and EU National Parliaments on EU Human Rights Policy
Jan WOUTERS, Laura BEKE, Anna-Luise CHANÉ, Nicolas HACHEZ, Kolja RAUBEEditorial closing date: 11 March 2014. © European Union, 2014
Printed in Belgium
ISBN: 978-92-823-5377-6
Doi: 10.2861/52456