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International University of Rabat

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Hakima Fassi Fihri

Hakima Fassi FihriHakima Fassi Fihri is a Moroccan scholar. She is a law school graduate from Rabat University School of Law (Université Mohamed V de Rabat), and holds a Master’s Degree in European Law from Grenoble University (Université Pierre Mendès-France, Grenoble II, France). She is a PhD candidate in Law and Political Science at Grenoble University. Her research topic focuses on inter-religious marriage between Moroccan muslim women and non muslim men as per Moroccan Law, based on the fact that the legal framework in Morocco regarding inter-religious marriage is mainly inspired by religious rules, and that marriage between a Moroccan muslim woman and a non muslim man who is not converted to islam is not allowed in Morocco.
Hakima Fassi Fihri is currently in charge of development and academic partnerships at “Université Internationale de Rabat”, and is a member of its board. She is also involved in teaching Moroccan Law (in French and in English) at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels (Business Law, Family Law, Contract Law). She has an extensive experience in the practice of Law, and has worked previously in international law firms in Morocco and in France (Business Law and Contract Law).
Hakima Fassi Fihri is a member of family-oriented civil society organizations in Morocco. She writes articles on topics regarding women’s rights in the Arab world, gender equality and women’s empowerment. She regularly gives talks and participates in conferences on these topics, in such venues as the Sorbonne University, Grenoble University, Assas University, Yale University, … She is fluent in French, Arabic, Spanish and English.