FRAME Fostering Human Rights Among European Policies


Work Package 15

a) Name

WP15: Policy Proposals

b) Short description / objectives

The aims of WP15 are:
    • To formulate policy proposals on the basis of WPs 2 to 13 taking into account the many cross-cutting issues;
    • To formulate policy proposals on the ways to improve EU internal and external policy-making in light of the past, present and future developments in human rights violations and protection;
    • To offer legal, political and operational guidance with respect to the implementation of human rights mainstreaming in EU policy;
    • To establish a number of scenario-building exercises from a participative perspective with the aim to explore possible future EU policies regarding different human rights issues, according to the coherence and consistency of internal and external EU policies and the complementarity of EU human rights protection with international human rights instruments;
    • To engage stakeholders through the interactive tool of foresight exercises.

c) Work Package Leader

Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, Leuven (KUL-GGS)