FRAME Fostering Human Rights Among European Policies


Towards and Integrated Policy: Indicators, Toolbox and Proposals

In the fourth cluster, the research and findings from each of the other three clusters are brought together in order to provide a forward-looking perspective on the development of an integrated human rights policy in the EU’s external relations and internal policies. First, this involves the appraisal of existing human rights indicators and the development of new indicators which are essential for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of human rights protection in EU policies and actions [WP 13]. Second, a policy toolbox will be developed, integrating existing, adapted and new policy tools so as to enhance human rights protection within the EU and in third countries [WP 14]. Third, policy proposals will be formulated on how to improve the EU record in human rights policymaking, which will specifically address the development of legal, political and operational guidance to facilitate the implementation of human rights mainstreaming in different fields of EU policy, while at the same time ensuring greater coherence between the external and internal dimensions of such fields. In doing so, a number of scenario-building and foresight exercises, involving the participation of a wide variety of stakeholders, will be employed in order to explore possible future EU policies regarding different human rights issues. Policy benchmarking will also be utilised for monitoring progress in achieving human rights protection [WP 15].

Key Deliverables

    • Development of EU human rights indicator scheme
    • Creation of policy toolbox
    • Policy recommendations
    • Benchmarking human rights protection
    • Reliance on scenario-building and foresight techniques