FRAME Fostering Human Rights Among European Policies


Work Package 12

a) Name

WP12: Human Rights and Democratisation Policy

b) Short description / objectives

The aims of WP12 are:
    • To map legal and policy instruments of the EU for human rights and democracy support;
    • To identify human rights priority themes and vulnerable groups for EU multilateral, regional and bilateral cooperation and to assess whether these priority themes and vulnerable groups are effectively and consistently reflected across the range of all EU policies (in particular trade, development, CSDP, AFSJ and ENP);
    • To explore to which extent EU human rights and democratisation policies respond to today’s key challenges for human rights protection as identified in WP 2;
    • To assess the implementation and impact of EU instruments used for the promotion of human rights and democracy, in particular with regard to the protection of vulnerable groups;
    • To elaborate policy recommendations on how a more effective EU human rights and democratisation policy can be achieved.

c) Work Package Leader

Pedro Arrupe Human Rights Institute University of Deusto (IDH)