FRAME Fostering Human Rights Among European Policies


Work Package 3

a) Name

WP3: Underlying Conceptions of Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law

b) Short description / objectives

The aims of WP3 are:
    • To critically analyze and assess, both theoretically and empirically, the concepts of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in EU law (Treaties and legislation) and its conceptualisation and operationalisation underlying EU internal and external policies;
    •To make a comparative analysis of the content and interpretation of these concepts in selected third countries and international and regional organisations in order to identify shared or different conceptions compared to EU-held convictions and inform EU policy-making, with a view to feeding into the EU policy toolbox (WP 14) and to making policy proposals for the EU with a view to more effective external policies on human rights (WP 15);
    •To develop, based on these analyses, conceptually sound and coherent working definitions of the (core elements of) three concepts in order to provide a basis for WP 13 (human rights indicators) and benchmarks for an integrated EU human rights policy for the effective performance of democratic institutions and for rule of law mechanisms.

c) Work Package Leader

Netherlands Institute of Human Rights, Utrecht University (SIM)