FRAME Fostering Human Rights Among European Policies


Work Package 7

a) Name

WP7: Engagement with Private Actors, TNCs and Civil Society

b) Short description / objectives

The aims of WP7 are:
    • To analyse the potential for more fruitful engagement with non-state actors in meeting the challenges of protecting and promoting human rights in EU external relations and internal policies;
    • To identify the problems and suggest ways forward in strengthening this engagement while recognising that, in an age of globalisation, deregulation and privatisation, non-state actors have been identified not only as defenders or promoters of human rights, but also as perpetrators of human rights violations, or complicit in them;
    • To critically examine the methods by which positive contributions of non-state actors as deliverers or providers of human rights goods or services are facilitated and rewarded, while adverse human rights impacts of non-state actors are prevented or mitigated;
    • To identify effective mechanisms through which non-state actors who are responsible for perpetrating human rights violations can be held accountable within a multilateral framework of human rights due diligence consistent with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and other global and EU initiatives to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

c) Work Package Leader

Human Rights Law Centre, University of Nottingham (UNOTT)